ERP is hard.

We’re here to change that… together.
working together to bring ERP to everyone, everywhere.

Why ERP Collective?

Tap into the wisdom, experience, and expertise of ERP Collective. With more than 20 years of know-how, mistakes, headaches, and successes selecting, customizing, breaking, and deploying ERP systems, the Collective is a community built upon trust and making everything ERP easier.

What Do We Believe?

We believe in the power of knowledge transfer, accessibility, and the community that drives it… Community-Powered ERP.  Too often, the world of ERP remained locked in large software suites that are expensive, difficult to integrate, and hard to customize.

While there are numerous ERPs to choose from, our library of knowledge and expertise begins with iDempiere, a powerful and community-driven open source ERP System.

Learn ERP at Your Pace, Your Way

What can you do with ERP Collective?

Learn ERP

Our courses, curated from years of developing and deploying ERP systems, are built for all levels to learn the basics to advanced knowledge.

Get Personalized Help

We’re in this together. We believe in bringing ERP to everyone. Sometimes, personalized, 1-1 coaching is the best avenue to get up to speed quickly.

Share Your Wisdom

Have ERP expertise you’d like to share? Hit us up for developing courses that can share your knowledge with the rest of the ERP community.