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Business Partner Types in iDempiere

by Chuck Boecking

The purpose of this post is to highlight the strengths and capabilities of iDempiere’s Business Partner. Specifically, we want to call special attention to the business partner “Type” checkbox fields. These type fields help make iDempiere special.

In this post, we will highlight why they are important to you and how you organize your business. Let’s start with a first principle:

Don’t repeat yourself (DRY)

You should not need to enter/repeat the same business partner twice even if they play more than one role in your organization! If you want to know more about how iDempiere manages business partners, join the Business Partner Basics training.


Let’s start with a definition:

Business Partners are individuals or organizations that engage you financially.

They can be customers, vendors, sales representatives and employees. They can be as small as an individual or as large as a multinational corporation.

Clean Data and Clean Reporting Matters

Data simplicity and cleanliness are important concepts. Dirty data leads to dirty processes which leads to dirty financials. iDempiere helps simplify data management.

It does this by helping you not repeat yourself. An individual can potentially be an employee, an ERP system user, a customer, a vendor, and a sales rep all at the same time. Many ERP systems force you to enter contact details many times in many different tables.

iDempiere allows you to enter a contact one time. You can apply any label you wish (employee, customer, etc..). It accomplishes this using the Business Partner Type fields.

Business Partner Type Fields

The below video is a sample from our Business Partner Basics course:

Getting Started

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