Skill Level: Beginner, Introductory

Coming Soon: ERP Business Partner Basics

Learn the fundamentals of transacting within iDempiere ERP

About the course

Business Partners are a core concept of iDempiere! Almost every financial transaction will involve a Business Partner. You should know them well! This course provides instruction on how to create and manage Business Partners to facilitate smooth and efficient business processes.

We cover the following topics:
*What is a Business Partner and how is it used.
*Find and create different types of Business Partners.
*Describe the important concepts and connections from each perspective (Operations, Accounting and IT)
*Demonstrate how Business Partners are used in the rest of iDempiere.

The Business Partner Basics iDempiere course helps you manage your most important relationships (customers, vendors, employees, etc…). A Business Partner represents anyone you engage financially. We show you how to create and manage relationships ranging from an individual consumer to a multinational company. We show you how to manage Business Partners from three perspectives (Operations, Accounting and IT).

Top Takeaways and Learnings from This Course

Manage Customers, Vendors, & Employees

Establish Accounting Defaults

Find Transactions

Manage Contacts & Locations

Create & Delete Business Partners

Credit Management

Importing & Exporting Data

Review the Underlying Data Structures

Custome the Business Partner Window

Customize Workflows

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