ERP Coaching

Help When You Need It

Need to learn fast? Try 1-on-1 coaching with the ERP Collective. An online coach can accelerate your learning versus you searching through thousands of resources online.

Coaching With the Collective

Monthly Member


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Our monthly membership gives you total access to ERP Collective Content + Weekly Virtual Meet-ups and AMAs. It’s the best, budget-friendly way to get up to speed with iDempiere ERP. Cancel anytime.

Coaching Package


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From experience, our belief is that coaching is most effective when ample time is allotted to cover all of your questions. Get an ERP Expert at your service to help you when you need it from getting started to customization.

Hourly Coaching


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We can customize a coaching package to fit your needs. After going through a simple discovery call, we can determine the time and resources you’ll need to help you build your ERP knowledge or tackle implementation.

Getting Started?

For those new to ERP or iDempiere, ERP Collective can review:

  1. Is iDempiere Open Source ERP right for you?
  2. What are the basic concepts?
  3. How can I test it myself?

An ERP Evaluation

ERP Collective can demonstrate how your team can best align ERP’s architecture with your business goals. In a coaching session, we can also evaluate your organization’s potential to install open-source ERP using your resources.

A Trusted Resource

ERP questions specific to your organization may include confidential material. When you book 1-on-1 ERP Coaching, a confidentiality agreement will be shared, so don’t fret about asking the detailed business questions you may have.

Meet Chuck, ERP Collective’s Head Coach

Who is Chuck?

I am an ERP educator. I believe that open-source ERP have achieved mainstream capabilities, and as a result, more companies can create greater efficiency across their organization. I started using the iDempiere code base in 2003. Back then, it was called Compiere. In 2006, I started my first multi-million dollar installation. Since then, ADempiere has helped me create great success with distribution and manufacturing companies all over the world. My vision of success is to find companies that can best use open-source ERP to help them achieve a single, global instance that drives a discontinuous increase in profitability. I believe that organizations win when they own their technology.