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The ERP Collective coaching, classes and content are designed for all roles involved in the deployment, usage and support of ERP including:

  • Accounting
  • IT
  • Operations

Each topic will be discussed extensively from these groups’ perspectives. We will engage in many scenarios where one group makes a request, and the other groups need to discuss the impacts from all perspectives.

  • Wholesale distribution
  • Multi-channel commerce – including webstores like Shopify, Magento and POS systems
  • Simple and outsourced manufacturing – kitting, make-to-stock, and make-to-order across both discrete and process manufacturing
  • Services – coordinating the buying and selling of services
  • Project accounting – covering project intensive industries like construction

The ERP Collective focuses on the topics needed to successfully manage the full lifecycle of your ERP system:

  • Learn
  • Configure
  • Customize
  • Integrate
  • Audit
  • Deploy
  • Scale
  • Support

This coursework is designed to cover all the topics needed to help you go live. The below items are just some of the topics discussed:

  • Getting Started – get up and running as quickly as possible
    • Installation and hosting
    • Implementation planning
    • Login and Navigation
  • Basics – learn and evaluate if iDempiere is right for your organization
    • Business Partner basics
    • Product basics
    • Service basics
    • Managing multiple entities
    • Role basics
    • Order management
    • Receiving and Invoicing
    • Material management
    • Manufacturing
    • Shipping and Invoicing
    • Payments and Allocation
    • Accounting concepts
    • Multi-currency
    • Banking
  • Advanced configuration – cover the many, many configuration topics needed to set up your own client. These include Taxes, Payment Terms, etc…
  • Audit and Go-live processes
    • How to ensure your configuration hard work remains accurate
    • How to stage your test and production environments
    • How to ensure the system stays in balance
    • How to perform mock go-lives
    • How to know when you are ready to go live

Yes, we will help you in the following ways:

  • Most of the ERP Collective mentors have spent 10+ years with iDempiere code base.
  • We will help you setup and configure your development environment.
  • We will match you with accomplished developers with knowledge of the Application Dictionary and development practices.
  • The coursework is designed to help a functional team (technical, operations and accounting) learn, configure and audit open source ERP for a successful go-live. All three areas get equal attention.
  • We refer to code frequently during the discussions. I believe being able to navigate and read the code is important.
  • The course covers core technologies for extending iDempiere. These include Window Tab and Field, Table and Column, generating models, processes, callouts, model validators, creating plugins, etc..
  • If you already know iDempiere well and you are looking to make major modifications to the core,  the ERP Collective can help you find resources to assist your development efforts.

Here are the core components to the ERP Collective:

  1. Coaching – helping you understand how iDempiere thinks and works.
  2. Coursework – helping with basic knowledge transfer to ensure everyone has a good starting point.
  3. Multiple weekly open discussions – ensuring your team can remove blockers.
  4. Individual consulting – helping your team make smart implementation, customization and support decisions.
  5. Outsourced development assistance – helping you develop your applications faster.
  • The iDempiere community is active and welcoming.
  • iDempiere is easy to install.
  • iDempiere runs well on a small server.
  • iDempiere scales to hundreds of users.
  • iDempiere uses dominant and commonly available technologies.
  • iDempiere features an enterprise quality accounting system.
  • iDempiere supports multiple entities (sets of books) inside a single login.
  • iDempiere is commonly used around the world.
  • I have worked with the core developers for years.
  • I have over 20 years experience with the code base.

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